How can I add to this blog?

It’s simple.

1. Log in:

 Your user name is your TT Rockstars password with 2 on the end.

Your password is the name of your class eg 4orion (in Year 6, your morning class, eg 6hall).

Use no spaces, no capitals.

So, if you’re in 4 Orion and your TT Rockstars name is freblo, your username is freblo2 and your password is 4orion .

2. You can now post on the site. Click on this link to find out how: How to publish a blog post

3. As this is a school blog, your post has to be moderated. This means that it is checked before it is allowed on the website. This might take a day. Come back to check that your post has been shown. You can post photos of wildlife, your drawings or paintings or your homework, but no photos of people please.

4. If you have problems logging in or posting, check carefully that you are doing everything correctly. Is caps lock on? Have you missed out the 2? If nothing else works and you can telephone a friend who can send a post explaining the problem. I shall try to fix it.

Mr Robinson